😃For Users

The Dashboard seeks to unify your multi-chain experience by bringing your favorite dApps and tools, (both on-chain and off,) into one place. Users are able to customize their dashboard, with their preferred modules & layout being saved to their wallet/address.

In addition to third party modules, a special ICI developed tool called MyTx sits at the top of all dashboards. This is your all-in-one basic transaction builder. More info coming soon.

$SPARK Points

The ICI Dashboard is the first major use case for the $SPARK token, which can be earned on a 1:1 basis with USD contributions to any active https://sparkibc.zone campaigns. More info found here.

Having a certain amounts of $SPARK enables two main functions here:

  1. Users are able to save multiple dashboard configurations/layouts and switch between that at will, enabling users to create, for example, both an NFT and a DeFi focused layout that they can easily switch between.

  2. Custom transactions built out in MyTx are able to be saved, and the more $SPARK a user has, the more configurations they're able to save to their quick access menu.

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