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Interchain Info is 100% funded through the below services, in addition to public goods sources like donations, grants, and community pools. Thank you for supporting us!

Interchain Info provides a suite of premium services to enhance your project's presence within the rapidly growing world of Web3. These services are available to projects that have undergone certain verification processes when applicable, and meet our standards for transparency and quality.


Verified (grey check mark) HIGHLY RECCOMENDED

To be eligible for verification, projects must meet two requirements:

  1. Fill out and submit a transparency report, most of which will be made public to users on ICI. Different information will be requested depending on what kind of page you're verifying.

  2. Ensure their Index page includes all the information suggested in our guidelines, here.

Verified projects enjoy several benefits:

  1. A checkmark badge next to your page site-wide, enhancing their visibility & signaling to users that you're worth checking out.

    1. Interacting with this checkmark will also provides end-users part of the transparency information you submit.

  1. Improved search result ranking site-wide.

  2. The ability to edit your Index page directly, without waiting for approval from the ICI team.

  3. The ability to claim Author Names in the Resource Hub so that no other users can submit content using your name(s).

    1. You also gain the ability to directly edit your resource after they've gone live.

  4. Upon request, the ability to purchase API's & other data ingestion methods for things like Project Titles, categories, excerpts, summaries, chains, and more which you can use on your own site.

  1. Required to be eligible to purchase additional premium services, listed below.

$500/Year For Standard Pages $1k/year for bulk verification. More info.

Category or ecosystem Feature

$250/Month $125/Month per page.

Featured Search Results

Improve your project's discoverability with our featured search results. Purchase search keywords and your project will be among the top three results displayed when those keywords are searched. Your entry will have orange text and a star icon for added visibility. More info.

$200/Month $100/Month for up to 3 keywords.

In-list Ad slots

Not currently available. Undergoing revision.

Banner ads


Resource Spotlight

Showcase your high-quality, educational content at the top of the Resource Hub homepage in the "Featured" section.

We're particularly interested in content related to the Cosmos Ecosystem, but we welcome any web3-related content that is helpful, educational, and created with a level of polish, accuracy, and professionalism. Your content will be part of a carousel that cycles through the top five featured pieces. Discounts are available for longer duration placements.

Content can be featured for between 1 and 7 days, with discounts for longer durations. $50-$315

Get in touch on any of our public channels, or send us an email at contact@interchaininfo.zone

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