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ICI Public funding to date

ICI has only raised funds through public sources, which are listed here. All additional expenditures have come out of the founders personal pockets, and thus, are not listed publicly.


ICI's Spark IBC campaign

Charitable donations from the community & organizations. One of which is the cosmos hub community.

Can be seen live here,

Cosmos Hub Community Pool Funding

Will be used primarily for dashboard development, and ~50% for content incentives. Can be tracked here, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N7s9Th-uPzPf8MKm_v1E4cXSa_IRx9mXRF7wseVpns8/edit#gid=0

~1,438 $ATOM, worth around $20k during the time of proposal submission.

Atom Accelerator DAO AEZ Grant

The AADAO granted us funds to build out a dedicated AEZ portal page, alongside updates to ICI that compliment it.

$34,000 worth of $ATOM, split into two payments.

Traditional revenue streams

ICI's longterm sustainability will come from time-tested traditional revenue streams, not risky tokenomics and/or DeFi. This includes things like verification for projects, which benefits the end-users as well, in addition to standard web2 things like add placements and search priority. Read more details here.

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