Verifying & Featuring Index Pages

Verification for Index Pages

Verifying your page on the Index is the first step towards users taking you seriously. In the wild west that is Web3, users need some level of transparency to be confident putting their money anywhere. Since ICI is an open platform that anyone can contribute to, we need to be extra careful when it comes to protecting our users. This is where our verification system comes in; getting your Index page verified is the best way to both catch users attention (it puts you at the top of lists and improves search ranking,) as well as retain those user through communicating that your project is known, trusted, and vouched for.

To verify or feature an Index page, please get in touch with the ICI team via, or by reaching out on any of our social channels. We will then send you a transparency form to fill out, depending on what kind of project/page you have.

💵Associated Costs

Verifying a page costs:

  • $500/year for individual pages.

  • $1000/year for organizations to bulk-verify all pages they maintain.

  • Certain pages, such as those for public goods projects and open source technologies, can be verified for free.

    • For example, topics like "The Cosmos SDK" and "IBC" are exempt from verification fees.


To be eligible for verification, projects must meet two requirements:

  1. Fill out and submit a transparency report, most of which will be made public to users on ICI. Different information will be requested depending on what kind of page you're verifying.

  2. Ensure their Index page includes all the information suggested in our guidelines, here.

Verified projects enjoy several benefits:

  1. A checkmark badge next to your page site-wide, enhancing their visibility & signaling to users that you're worth checking out.

    1. Interacting with this checkmark will also provides end-users part of the transparency information you submit.

  1. Improved search result ranking site-wide.

  2. The ability to edit your Index page directly, without waiting for approval from the ICI team.

  3. The ability to claim Author Names in the Resource Hub so that no other users can submit content using your name(s).

    1. You also gain the ability to directly edit your resource after they've gone live.

  4. Upon request, the ability to purchase API's & other data ingestion methods for things like Project Titles, categories, excerpts, summaries, chains, and more which you can use on your own site.

  5. Required to be eligible to purchase additional premium services, found here.

$500/Year For Standard Pages $1k/year for bulk verification.

Verifying you page should in no way be thought of as analogous to buying a sponsored spot on Google search results or similar; rather, it's far more comparable to getting the gold badge on X.

Bulk Organization Verification

For teams that want to maintain multiple Index pages for the sake of organization and end-user ease of use, we offer verification for multiple pages for $1k/year flat. This way, you can have a page for your team/business, one for your validator, one for your chain/dApp, etc.

We reserve the right to deny verification for any reason, such as if we feel that the applicant is malicious, or being untruthful in their reported data.

⭐Featuring an Index Page

Unlike verification, featuring an Index page can be thought of like buying sponsored spots on google, or any other type of ad space.

Featuring a page in a certain category, or buying certain search keywords, ensures your project along with no more than 2 others at a time, are listed above even verified entries. They're given an orange-gold badge as well to further grab attention.

Featuring pages in these ways is currently on sale. Getting featured in categories and ecosystem lists starts at $250/month $125/month. Getting featured in search based off certain keywords starts at $200/month $100/month for up to 3 keywords or keyword combinations.

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