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Welcome to Interchain Info! ICI


Interchain Info (ICI) is designed to be the principal point of access to the interconnected Web3 universe, facilitating users and developers alike in discovering, understanding, and engaging with various Web3 tools and projects.
Please note, ICI has avoided any private investment for the purpose of neutrality, and is entirely funded through public & community funding sources, as well as through our premium services. This way you can get more eyes on your project & help support ICI at the same time!

ICI is built on 3 core components:

The Index is a comprehensive repository for all Web3-related entities. It includes everything from blockchain networks to dApps, and from validators to essential blockchain infrastructure components and more. And akin to Wikipedia, we actively encourage all to contribute and update content at any time!
The Resource Hub is the final solution to organizing and hosting diverse Web3-related content, featuring articles, videos, podcasts, and more. Its content is tightly interwoven with the Index, ensuring you stay abreast of all the latest happenings in the Cosmos. We extend a warm welcome to content creators to submit their work to ICI!
The Dashboard is where ICI shines. It empowers users to create a personalized Interchain dashboard, integrating widgetized versions of their favorite protocols and tools, called "Modules." For developers, we offer a Module SDK to assist you in swiftly transforming your creations into one of user-friendly modules.
IMPORTANT: Module submissions are currently free. Future policy will introduce a one-time submission fee and an annual renewal charge. Modules submitted prior to this change will remain free indefinitely.
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Spark Family
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